Construction Fair EXPO DOM

24-26 march 2017

The biggest trade fair organized by the MTR, the event which is known to be the biggest events of this industry in Poland, and in the opinion of the exhibitors is considered the best exhibition event.

More information

15 000 visitors

22 edition

200 exhibitors

9 000 m2 exhibition area

Contact information:

MTR International Rzeszów Trade Fair
ul. PCK 2/24, 35-060 Rzeszów
Regionalne Centrum Sportowo-Widowiskowe "PODPROMIE"
ul. Podpromie 10, 35-060 Rzeszów
Telephone contact
Project manager: Monika Sztaba-Ćwiąkała
Phone: 17 850 75 99
Fax: 17 850 75 98
Contact for invoices
Małgorzata Bielówka